Hotmail mail problems today

hotmail problems today

Having Windows Hotmail problems today? Probably it is important to you that your mail is received from customers and friends, or not? However you will lose a lot of your emails if you depend on these email providers: Outlook, Hotmail, Live and MSN. These are the most well-known names for E-mail providers and that is just where stuff goes wrong. They think they can do stuff to you that other companies never would like blocking your incoming mail for pity reasons.

Mails are being blocked by Hotmail

First of all this is only for people that use their own mail connected to their domainname. If you use services like Yahoo, Gmail or AOL you don’t have to worry about this issue.

Every day, thousands of IP addresses are blocked by spam mails. This results in Hotmail not receiving email. They don’t want emails to end up in your spam folder, but they simply don’t get there at all. It wouldn’t matter if the email is spam. However, this is far from the truth. If a friend or customer sends an email to you from a blocked server on the Microsoft network, it will not be delivered. This seems to be a benefit for you. Although the person who sent the mail receives a bounce email from Microsoft, it does not indicate that the mail was blocked. Many people don’t understand this and assume that their mail has been delivered. This will prevent the mail from being sent again and people will be puzzled why you didn’t reply.

Getting your IP unlocked

Microsoft is great to communicate with about getting things in order via correspondence and the special form. It can take several days for one to realize that his incoming mail has been blocked. It usually takes another 2 days for the server IP to be removed from the blacklists. This is all very irritating.

Avoid these problems

Hotmail issues can be avoided by using e-mail services that are smaller, such as Ziggo. However, well-known companies like Yahoo and, to a lesser extent, Google are acceptable. If you have a website, and thus hosting, it is best to use your own email addresses. It’s also easiest to link your email to an e mail client like Thunderbird or Outlook. Thunderbird is my favorite program, mainly because it automatically finds all settings for your email address.

Hotmail Helpline

If you still have Hotmail problems today and continue to experience issues, log in on Windows Live Hotmail Forum. In the corner (upper-right). Select “Ask a Question” (upper left corner). Select your subject and enter your names. Complete the captcha, and then submit the form.