AOL problems today (295)

aol problems today

Having AOL mail problems today? It is not sabotage if no mail arrives at AOL mail (295). This is often the case for mail to Hotmail, as Hotmail is blocking mail on purpose for different doubtful reasons. Just like Gmail and Yahoo, AOL webmail is well-respected for its secure and fast services and servers. However sometimes users can experience issues with their inbound messages and emails. This problem with email receiving must be resolved immediately, even though it is most likely temporary. If you don’t take immediate action to correct the problems today, your entire workflow may be affected. AOL mail may not be receiving your email for a variety of reasons. We have listed the most frequent issues below.

1. Control your network connection

It may sound too obvious but if your own internet has a problem it will seem to you as if you are not receiving any mail. So if you are unable to receive AOL email, you should check your network connection first. This problem occurs if the Internet connection on your computer is not working properly or if your modem needs to be restarted or if your ISP is temporarily unable to provide Internet access. You should not have any network issues while using AOL webmail. Check your modem, Wifi, and computer connectivity. On mobile there can of course also be a problem with the range of the network.

2. Check your filters

Filters can be used to alter the route of email. Filters can be used for email storage in a different location than your inbox. You should review your filter rules and sort all mail accordingly. Every folder that you have been assigned should be inspected. You should ensure that the filters you have created help you organize your email. Also, make sure to check your folders junk, spam, and trash. These steps will allow you to identify which folder contains your email.

  1. Log in to your AOL Account
  2. Navigate to the folder containing your incoming mail.
  3. You can choose all messages you want to move.
  4. Click the “More!” button at the top right of your mailbox.
  5. Click “Move” to select the folder that you want to move.

3. Browser problem (Cookies)

 In case you’re unable to receive AOL emails, sign out from your AOL account. Next, open a private browser window (all modern browsers have this option in their menu). Log back in to your account, and then check your inbox. If you can see your messages, it is likely that your browser’s cookies have prevented the mailbox to download. The best solution in this case, is to reset your browser. Clearing all cookies and site data from your browser settings is the best way to do this. You will find these options in your browser’s settings.

4. AOL Server settings

A problem with AOL email not receiving is also due to incorrect AOL mail server configurations. The correct incoming and outgoing server settings are essential for seamless sending and receiving of messages. These settings are critical for all mail apps users. These settings are for IMAP/POP servers. These settings will enable you to configure your AOL server settings.

Setting up POP3

  • is the incoming mail server.
  • The port number for this port is 995
  • SSL is a yes.
  • is the outgoing mail server.
  • Port number 465
  • SSL yes.

IMAP Settings

  • is the incoming mail server.
  • Port number 993
  • SSL is a yes.
  • As the incoming mail server, is used.
  • Port number 465
  • SSL yes.

5. Email Forwarding Disabled

All incoming mail will be forwarded to the account you have selected to forward them to. This feature is helpful for users who manage multiple accounts using one mail account. However it might prevent you from receiving email if you don’t need it. These steps will enable you to disable it. Navigate to the “Settings” menu. Next, tap “Forwarding” to turn it off.

6. AOL mail problem today on mobile phones

Check that your internet connection works as it should. You can move on to the next step if your internet connection is stable.
  1. Navigate to “Settings” on your iPad or mobile iPhone.
  2. Click on “Mail.”
  3. Now click on “Accounts”
  4. Then click on the AOL button.
  5. Turn on “Auto fetch data”.

Close the settings and then open the mail application. Check if your mail app is still receiving emails. If your iPhone still has problems with its mail account, disable the “Auto fetch Data” setting. Next, use the correct mail settings to add it again. These steps will allow to re-setup your account.

  1. Let’s go to “Settings”, and click “Mail.”
  2. Click on “Accounts”, and then select “AOL Mail Account.”
  3. Click on ‘Delete the account.
  4. Now, reboot your mobile phone or iPad.
  5. Next, go back to settings and then click on mail.
  6. Click on “Add Account”.
  7. To create an AOL account, enter your email address and password and click “Done.”


If you are still having problems with your AOL mail account, it is a good idea to ask AOL yourself. You do this via this helpline. This is the only URL for this at AOL, make sure you don’t accidentally fall into the hands of scammers who will try to hack into your PC to steal your money. I hope I have been helpfull to you with your AOL mail problems today.