Graphic Design Trends 2022

Graphic Design Trends 2022

Graphic design is of paramount importance. Graphic design is important for branding and identity. Good graphics can help brands educate, inform, or convince their audience using different images, colors, and shapes. Graphic design is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up. Designers should therefore be aware of the latest trends in graphic design and incorporate them into their work. Some of these trends will still be relevant for many years.

Graphic Design Trend #1


The gold design was huge last year. It mimicked real gold and gave everyday items an extra special touch. To take graphic design to the next level, glass and crystal have become the new trend.

Graphic Design example 1 Crystal
Graphic Design example 2 Crystal
Graphic design example for 2022 Glass 1
Graphic design example for 2022 Glass 2
Glass Cube graphic design
Graphic Design Trend #2


Paper cutting is another traditional art that has made its way into the digital age. This craft is rooted in the Han Dynasty, which was established in the 4th Century AD following the invention of paper by Cai Liu. The first paper cutting was a simple, symmetrical circle. This marks the start of this art form. We can see paper cutting throughout history. Each design is cut from one sheet of paper, rather than using collages. Graphic designers can use both methods to create stunning pieces of art in any form of graphic design, including digital.

paper cut out 22
paper cut out 21
Real paper cutout graphic 2022design
Graphic design trends 2022 paper
Graphic design trends 2022 papercutout
Graphic Design Trend #3


Not just font styles, but also sizes change year to year. Designers are reintroducing large fonts to their designs. Brands will expect their visuals to be memorable in 2022. Large font sizes will be the preferred method. As we have seen with many of our brand identity trends this is critical for drawing attention in an increasingly digital world. Everyone is competing for the attention of the same people. Large fonts help you stand out among the rest. It’s also a great way to personalize your designs.

Graphic Design Trends Large Typography 2
Graphic Design Trends Large Typography 5
Graphic Design Trends Large Typography 4
Graphic Design Trend #4


3D design is a growing trend that is constantly evolving and establishing itself. It offers designers endless possibilities and allows them to create anything they want. You can create amazing mashups using 2D and cutout elements, or hyper-realistic 3D visuals to blur the lines between digital and physical. The latter will be a strong partnership between 2D/3D that combines the best of both worlds.

Graphic Design Trend #5


It seems like it was not so long ago that Stranger Things or It introduced 80s nostalgia into mainstream media. This brought in an era gothic serifs with neon colors and vaporwave landscapes. The retro revival has finally arrived in 2022.

90s nostalgia design 2022
90s nostalgia design 2022 pink
90s nostalgia design 2022 moonlight
90s nostalgia design 2022 santa
90s nostalgia design 2022 racing
90s nostalgia design 2022 BG
Graphic Design Trend #5


Typography that is not consistent with the standard set by the industry is a popular trend. This trend is similar to Riso’s print philosophy: Something is beautiful off and imperfect. What is this twist? Anything that disrupts the order. A single letter could be upside-down, larger or smaller, in different fonts, or completely missing. You might find a few letters that are in small fonts, or a pattern that is different from the rest to convey a different message. This is a great way to emphasize or draw attention to a specific topic.

Twisted typography graphic design 2022
Creative typography graphic design 2022
Combined letters typography graphic design 2022
Crazy typography for 2022
Modern typography graphic design 2022
Twisted typography 2022
Twist typography for 2022
Graphic Design Trend #6


This art style was created in response to Art Nouveau and other old ways. Its philosophy is about innovation, modernism and looking forward with strength, quiet dignity, resilience. It’s not surprising that such philosophies have returned to graphic design and art after all the changes over the past few years. This beautiful style has returned to graphic design. The best way to identify it is to look out for symmetry and geometry. Art Deco transforms the traditional and unapologetic into bold shapes and bold outlines.

Graphic design trend example art deco 2022
graphic design trend art deco 112
graphic design trend art deco example
graphic design trend art deco 2022
graphic design trend art deco bar
Graphic Design Trend #7


Designers have searched for new ways to revitalize flat vector artwork that is imposed by digital design standards for years. 2022’s flat design pioneers, the Ukiyo-e artists from Japan’s Edo Period, are their models. Ukiyo is a type of printed artwork, though it could also be painted. It was created using hand-carved woodblocks. The Great Wave Off Kanagawa is one of the most well-known examples of this style. The vector designers are all familiar with its bold shapes, flat colors, and limited perspective techniques.


graphic design trend 2022 ukiyo-e
Graphic design 2022 trend ukiyo
Japan graphics 2022 ukiyo-e
Japan Ukiyo-E design 2022
Graphic Design Trend #8


3D characters are now a part of graphic design in apps, websites, animation, and on the web. These characters can adapt to 2D, holographic, candy-colored design and all the other Graphic Design trends for 2022. Here are some stunning examples of 3D character trends that we can all enjoy, since a picture speaks a thousand words.

3d characters for 2022 graphics
3d characters 2022 graphics
graphic trends character in 3D
3d characters graphic design trend
Graphic Design for 2022 3D Characters
Graphic Design Trend #9


One of the most remarkable graphic design trends for 2022 is Anti Design. Anti-design is related but not completely synonymous with brutalism. It sounds like it: it rejects conventional design principles and traditional aesthetic tastes. It challenges us with its clashing colors, stark typography, bare interfaces and crowded elements. Although it is most common in the digital world, its rebellious spirit can be found in all design contexts. It is criticized as ugly just because it is ugly. Its champions say it creates designs that transcend beauty standards set by others.

Graphic Design trend anti design
Graphic trends 2022 anti-design
Graphic Design trend anti design green
Graphic trends 2022 anti-design 4
Graphic Design Trend #10


Designers are challenged to make artwork, websites and apps that stand out among the digital clutter. Visual appeal is just as important as quality content. What are the best ways to make your design stand out? Bright, eye-catching color schemes. Digital artists and designers who are skilled in color theory can create striking graphic designs with stunning candy colors. Don’t get us wrong. While pastel colors are still our favourite, candy color schemes can be a great choice if you want to make a statement and spread more positivity.

graphic design candy colors 2022
candy colors 2022
candy colors for 2022
illustrations 2022 candy color
Graphic Design Trend #11


Graphic design is dominated by patterns. They can be used to break up solid colors or add visual interest to backgrounds. Parametric geometry is a new way for designers to bring statement patterns to the forefront. Parametric patterns are complex geometric structures that change according to their relative positions. The style is based on the parametric equations graphs. These patterns, although they are grounded in geometry, are fluid and three-dimensional. This gives them an illusion of movement rather than architectural rigidity. Parametric patterns will be used in 2022 to show the complexity of the subject matter.

graphic trends 2022 parametric patterns example
nice graphic trends 2022 parametric patterns
graphic trends 2022 parametric patterns stadium
graphic trends 2022 parametric patterns bottle
graphic trends 2022 parametric patterns color
Graphic Design Trend #12


It is tempting to compare maximalism to “minimalism“, but this trend is more than you might expect. Maximalism doesn’t mean filling space. It means filling space with objects and colors that reflect the artistic vision. This is similar to how hoarding can be a reflection of a lifetime worth of keepsakes that have no meaning for anyone except the hoarder. This trend is being reflected in related interior design movements such as ” grandmillennial.”

Graphic design trend maximalisme wow
Graphic design trend maximalisme
Graphic design trend maximalisme 2
Graphic design trend maximalisme football
Graphic Design Trend #13


The risograph is making a comeback as an aesthetic and a way to express your creativity. This decades-old risograph was initially created for administrative and office copying purposes. The model quickly became a tool for artists, designers, and architects to create stunning abstract artwork, posters and ads that are hard to miss. Two reasons are why. We have unique, vivid colors that other printers cannot produce. The prints are often imperfect, with ink bleed, uneven colors, unpredicted alignment issues or rough textures. Graphic designers have clever ways to digitally recreate the risograph print effects and make the style a hot trend in 2022.

riso print design trend for 2022
riso prints comeback 2022
Graphic design trend riso print
risograph print design trend for 2022
riso print design trend for 2022 calendars
Graphic Design Trend #14


Grunge is the destructive teenager. 90s nostalgia is the child, Frasurbane the yuppy adult. Grunge is the expression of angst, and its return is a recognition that our world is out-of-control. It’s characterized by gritty textures and shadowed imagery, as well as zine-like collages. The aesthetic exudes energy and vibrancy, with ink trails and splotches creating an emotional feeling of movement. The rushed, slapped together look echoes YouTube’s young viewers. Grunge is a rebel against the flat, clean graphics of the digital age. This sentiment is a relief after a year of online quarantine.

Graphic design Grunge Art 2022
Graphic design Grunge Design Art 2022 covid
Graphic design Grunge Design Art 2022 AAA
Graphic design Grunge Design Art 2022
Graphic Design Trend #15


Each year, the trending background color style changes. The trending style for background colors changes every year. In time for 2022 we will see neon backgrounds again, particularly in new logo design trends that use these colors and branded visuals. Twitter Marketing was mentioned earlier. They have been creating data visualizations that are fun and colorful, and the platform has also adopted bright neon backgrounds to enhance their visuals.

Neon Design Graphic 2022
BG pink - Neon Design Graphic 2022
BG letters - Neon Design Graphic 2022
BG - Neon Design Graphic 2022
Graphic Design Trend #16


The psychedelic 1960s revolutionized design with their distorted, melting, and twisting aesthetics. These visuals are an indestructible trend that always makes a comeback with each new counterculture. The psychedelic trend, which combines mind-bending colors with acid trips, was originally created by Wes Wilson and his rock posters. It is back to reflect the confusion of these times.

Like music and fashion, psychedelic graphic design reflects the carefree spirit that seeks to free herself from the limitations of the world by finding strength within. These results are stunning and captivating in web design, animation, typography, motion graphics, and web design. These trippy designs will be common in 2022.


Psychedelic Design Graphic 2022
hypno Psychedelic Design Graphic 2022
Trippy Psychedelic Design Graphic 2022
Trippy 2 Psychedelic Design Graphic 2022
Graphic Design Trend #17


Fonts are a key part of the world brand design. Font landscapes are constantly changing. This is evident in sans serif fonts which have been popular since 2016. We saw a shift in this trend in 2021, and we expect a return to classic and traditional font choices for 2022. There’s no denying that sans serif fonts have become more popular than ever. They’re just overused. We are seeing more graphic designers use serif fonts, and even handwritten scripts to create branding visuals. This is a great way of evokeing nostalgia, while still appearing elegant and calming.

serif fonts 2022
Modern Graphic design serif fonts 2022
Graphic design serif fonts 2022
Graphic Design Trend #18


We have all seen the holographic trend in fashion, stationery, product design and fashion (especially shoes and bags) recently. This trend is so popular, it’s not surprising that it has also reached animation and web design. Apps and logos are also included. We can all agree that holographic design is futuristic and high tech with its mix of pastel highlights and multidimensional high-gloss. These highlights make static images seem more dynamic.

Holographic Design Trend 2022
Black Holographic Design Trend 2022
Blue Holographic Design Trend 2022
Holographic Design Trend 2022 cool
Holographic Design Trend 2022 new
Graphic Design Trend #19


People of the Y2K era believed technology would bring them down. The elation that followed when this proved to be false in 2000 led to a renewed sense of technological optimism. However, social media isolation and misinformation has made this a much less optimistic time in recent years. Many creatives are trying, through Y2K-inspired designs, to regain that excitement and sense of wonderment in the early days of technology.

Y2K Graphic Design Trend 2022 eyes
Y2K Graphic Design Trend 2022 pink
Y2K Graphic Design Trend 2022 girl
Graphic Design Trend #20


Designers were able to escape stay-at home orders by making imaginative forays into nature. They have continued to explore new and more fantastical worlds since then. These designs are a reflection of escapism at its finest. Escapism’s appeal lies not only in the destination itself, but also in its inherent wonder. This trend features a variety of surprising colors, captivating settings, and whimsical characters. This trend allows both designers and viewers to expand their imaginations. This is a popular illustration trend but it can also be used for background patterns on labels or websites. These worlds should be filled with rich, intriguing imagery that viewers can lose themselves in as they explore.

Escapism Graphic Design Trends 2022
Escapism Graphic Design Trending 2022
Escapism Graphic Design comeback 2022
Escapism Graphic Design Trend 2022